GaN MMIC Module Boosts EW/ECM Systems

GaN MMIC Module Boosts EW/ECM Systems

Fans of vacuum-tube and solid-state amplification will find both technologies at TMD Technologies’ Booth No. 1849 at the 2016 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS). Tube-power amplifiers will include the latest PTXM Series high-power-density microwave power modules (MPMs) based on traveling wave tubes (TWTs), the new range of PTX8807 Ka-band TWT-based MPMs, and fast-warmup Ku-band ring-loop TWTs. Solid-state amplifiers that will be part of live demonstrations will include the PTS6900 series MPMs optimized for electronic-warfare (EW) and electronic-countermeasures (ECM) systems and based on gallium-nitride (GaN) monolithic-microwave-integrated-circuit (MMIC) technology.

Andy Crawford, newly promoted to head of after aales for TMD UK, notes, “The live demonstrations of our new solid-state PTS6900 MPM have proved to be a real crowd-puller. Visitors to our stand at IMS 2016 will now be able to see firsthand the exceptional performance of the new module. We achieve this by setting up the PTS6900 to operate into a dummy load, with the resultant output power shown on a display.” Steve Olson, regional sales Manager for TMD USA, adds,“We are confident that we will see a repeat success story for the solid-state PTS6900 demonstrations at the IMS major international event this year in San Francisco.” Both Crawford and Olson will be on hand at the 2016 IMS at TMD Technologies Booth No. 1849. 

TMD Technologies Ltd.,

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