Amplifier Modules Boost 1 to 3 GHz

Amplifier Modules Boost 1 to 3 GHz

Empower RF

Amplifiers often attract attention on an IMS exhibition floor, especially models with user-selectable operating modes and output power control. To show some of its hardware, Empower RF Systems will demonstrate a number of different RF amplifier modules at the 2016 IMS Booth No. 1947, including a 1-to-3-GHz, 1-kW-output-power high-power-amplifier (HPA) module in a 5U-high rack-mount chassis. The compact modular PA includes an Internet of Things (IoT) interface for remote-control functionality and an integrated dual directional coupler for instrument-grade power monitoring.

As part of the in-booth demonstration, company representatives will show the working of the software that helps simplify the control and configuration of the PA for different applications and operating conditions. The PA can be set for continuous-wave (CW), amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and digital-modulation modes, as well as with pulse modulation. Several automatic functions, including automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic level control (ALC), are also available.

Empower RF Systems

Looking for parts? Go to SourceESB.

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