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Optimize Benefits Of Subharmonic Mixers

Software design tools can help simply the challenge of creating subharmonic mixers that provide the full advantages of their unique characteristics.


RF Mixers Pine For Linearity And Dynamic Range

The technology for RF mixers must keep pace to avoid being the limiting factor in new devices.


Taking Measure Of Microwave Mixers

Understanding basic microwave mixer operation, different mixer types, and key mixer performance parameters can help simplify the process of matching a mixer to an application.


Active Mixers Deliver High IP3

A pair of active double-balanced mixers provides the frequency range and linearity needed for a host of broadcast and wireless communications applications.


Differential Drive Optimizes Active Mixers

Differential drive can be used to optimize the performance of active mixers and in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) demodulators for broadband and reconfigurable radio receivers.


Make the Most of Microwave Mixers

Frequency mixers provide a reliable means of translating signal frequencies higher or lower as needed, and across the wide bandwidths required in many RF/microwave systems.


Gauge Wideband LO Noise In Passive Tx/Rx Mixers

A single parameter can be used to evaluate the effect of wideband LO buffer amplifier noise on the performance of passive upconverter and downconverter mixer ICs.


Mixers Terminate Intermod Distortion

The two-tone-terminator (T3) line of diode mixers offers excellent suppression of IMD while providing high performance levels with both sine-wave and square-wave local-oscillator signals through 12 GHz.

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