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The Importance of Spectrum Visibility – Multi-Position Monitoring

A Microwaves & RF-hosted webinar sponsored by Tektronix

Originally Broadcast on June 8, 2023. Now Available On-Demand.


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Webinar Description:

Wireless communications engineers, electronic warfare officers, and spectrum managers need to know their critical RF infrastructure is safe and secure. Comprehensive monitoring by instrument-grade solutions can detect intrusions and detect interference, providing verifiable security.  

Attendees of this webinar will learn spectrum monitoring techniques and sensor deployment schemes. These techniques will help them gain a more accurate view of the RF environment in a specific area and use best practices for highly effective monitoring.Integration of data collection is eased by precision time and location stamps and precision RF signal records whether in fixed or mobile monitoring. 

The webinar will also cover insightful data analysis to reveal network weaknesses in networking coverage and throughput. It will focus on how to improve network productivity by eliminating weak spots and reducing self-interference. The audience will see how to isolate those tricky locations where signals are strong but throughput weak, or where problems occur at specific times and long-duration testing is required. 

Finally, the webinar will introduce techniques for clever triggering of RF data acquisition, as well as mechanisms to transfer and stream RF spectrum data from multiple sensing nodes to external computing nodes to help detect, analyze, and act upon different types of RF signals. 


Alex Krauska | Principal Technology Lead | Tektronix 

Alex Krauska has over 40 years of experience designing solutions for radar and electronic warfare – from his work as lead engineer for radar exciters to lead designer of MIL-SATCOM receivers. Alex has also worked on integrating complete radar and electronic warfare systems. During his 10 years at Tektronix, Alex has focused on millimeter demonstrations, electromagnetic synthesis, RTSA and AWG design and applications. 

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