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Measuring the Latest 5G Signal Waveforms

Measuring the Latest 5G Signal Waveforms


Visitors to the Keysight Technologies booth (No. 1239) at the 2016 IMS will find a rich mix of hardware and software measurement solutions for present and future applications, including for testing components for Internet of Things (IoT) and Fifth-Generation (5G) wireless communications networks. In addition to vector signal generators, arbitrary waveform generators, signal analyzers, and oscilloscopes, the exhibit booth will include an updated version of the firm’s 5G Testbed Reference Solution.

The test bed combines hardware and software to evaluate experimental waveforms for a number of different factors as candidates for 5G communications systems, including spectral efficiency, latency, computational complexity, energy efficiency, the adjacent channel performance for co-existence, and implementation costs. Visitors to the both are invited to bring their own parameters for 5G waveforms and put them to test on the testbed.

The hardware enables the generation of a wide range of frequencies and modulation bandwidths as wide as 2 GHz. Frequency bands up to 44 GHz can be supported with the base test equipment configuration, and frequency bands between 60-90 GHz can be supported with the extended millimeter-wave test equipment configuration(s). The software simplifies control of the hardware and creation of many different possible waveform scenarios. Of course, those who “just” need a microwave signal generator or signal analyzer, will also find those at IMS Booth No. 1239.

Keysight Technologies

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