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VNA Test Sets Measure 30 s/point

With the low-end frequency of the MN469xB VectorStar 4-port test sets extended, these microwave multiport vector-network-analyzer (VNA) solutions can measure down to 70 kHz. They combine DC coverage and the wide-dynamic-range time-domain capability of a VNA, which makes them well suited for digital engineers who need to conduct signal-integrity measurements on passive, high-speed balanced transmission lines and connections. Two models are available in the MN469xB series. The MN4694B covers to 40 GHz while the MN4697B has a frequency range to 70 GHz. Both solutions include bias tees for active measurement applications. They build on the strengths of the base VectorStar, the MS4640A, which delivers two-port frequency coverage of 70 kHz to 70 GHz, dynamic range of 103 dB at 67 GHz, and measurement speed of 20 s/point. In addition, the MS4640A features a receiver with a +10-dBm, 0.1-dB compression level at 70 GHz. The new VectorStar multiport solution provides 4-port capability using an external test set driven by the base VNA. The MN469xB series test set has a starting price of $49,500; delivery is 10 weeks ARO.

Anritsu Company, 490 Jarvis Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2809; (408) 778-2000, FAX: (408) 776-1744, Internet:

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