TI, The MathWorks Team on DSP Development Tool

Software supplier The MathWorks (Natick, MA) and leading digital-signal-processor (DSP) supplier Texas Instruments (Houston, TX) announced the availability of a development platform called Embedded Target for the TMS320C2000 family of DSPs. The tools features automatic code generation and peripheral programming support from The MathWorks' Simulink software, and offers a direct connection between the design environment and implementation platform. By enabling users at the system level, Embedded Target eliminates the need for manual coding and verification methods, helping to shorten embedded application design cycles. Embedded Target works seamlessly with TI's integrated development environment through The MathWorks' MATLAB Link For Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) and allows execution of CCStudio commands for analysis, debugging, and automated code verification from MATLAB.

TI --> http://lists.planetee.com/cgi-bin3/DM/y/eA0JtlqC0Gth0BF4f0AB

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