Test Solutions Reach 500 GHz

PARIS, FRANCE: At this year's European Microwave Week, Rohde & Schwarz presented solutions that range to 500 GHz. The highlights included the R&S FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer covering to 30 GHz and the R&S ZVA high-end network analyzer with capability to 500 GHz. In addition, the R&S SMZ frequency multiplier allows the R&S SMF100A signal generator to extend to 110 GHz. The company also showed its two new oscilloscope families with bandwidths ranging from 500 MHz to 2 GHz.

The FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer combines a sweptfrequency spectrum analyzer with a real-time spectrum analyzer (see photo). In real-time mode, the R&S FSVR can detect sporadic single events and ultra-short signals. This capability to measure events in real time without blind spots benefits developers of RF components for commercial transmission systems, such as LTE and WiMAX. It also offers advantages for designers of general-purpose RF applications like radar.

The new R&S ZVA-Z500 500-GHz converter can be connected to an R&S ZVA network analyzer for extended frequency coverage. The combined unit can be operated and calibrated exactly like the base unit. The converter allows millimeter-wave measurements with a dynamic range that is typically beyond 65 dB.

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