System Combines Broadband RF Source And Analyzer

BY COMBINING A SIGNAL GENERATOR and analyzer, the CS9000 Broadband Signal System (BSS) vows to replace an entire bench of equipment including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, and logic analyzers. The system can analyze a maximum of 500,000 bursts per second. For example, it can analyze communications and radar signals with instantaneous RF bandwidths of 72 and 472 MHz and hop rates to 500,000 hops per second. It comes in standard RF configurations to 6 and 18 GHz. The BSA-18-W, for instance, provides a wideband RF input channel tunable to 18 GHz with 8 GB of high-speed memory standard. The 3-dB analysis bandwidth is 472 MHz. When equipped with 32 GB memory, the BSA-18-W provides 45 dB spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). All of the members of the CS9000 BSS family include Signal Safari 2010 software.

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