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Software Suite Integrates Physical Design

Version 5 of the Flomerics (Surrey, England) suite of software design tools integrates electrical and physical modeling programs into a single environment. The software suite includes the Flo/PCB program for the conceptual thermal design of printed-circuit boards (PCBs), the FloTHERM program for system-level thermal design and optimization of electronic systems, Flo/EMC for electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) simulation, and Flo/STRESS for predicting thermoelectric stresses. The suite allows the same model that is created for system-level thermal analysis to be used for performing EMC analysis. According to a user, Jean Philippe Tigneres, Environmental Group Manager for Barcoview (Toulouse, France), "using a single environment for thermal and EMC analysis helped us bring a new ruggedized computer to market 20 percent faster by providing performance information prior to the prototype stage that helped us optimize the tradeoff between cooling management and EMC." The integrated design environment is supported by, an extensive Internet-based library of ready-to-run models for common parts, such as fans, heat sinks, enclosures, and integrated-circuit (IC) packages.

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