RAID Technology Improves Broadband Instruments

Fast digitizing instruments such as the CS35000 broadband signal analyzer (BSA) systems and the CS25000 broadband signal generator (BSG) systems from Aeroflex (Plainview, NY) can capture and generate complex waveforms, but often suffer from limited memory. To overcome this limitation, the latest generation of these instruments offer options for as much as 1 TB of redundant array of independent devices (RAID) storage technology at data transfer rates to 250 MB/s. A data-streaming mode allows the analyzer to act as a high-speed waveform recorder and the generator to serve as a fast digital signal generator for virtually any form of complex modulation format, including minimum-shift-keying (MSK), phase-shift-keying (PSK), and quadrature-amplitude-modulation (QAM) formats. The generator and analyzer systems feature instantaneous bandwidths to 500 and 600 MHz, respectively, with signal-generator sampling rates to 1300 MHz, analyzer sampling rates to 1500 MHz, in support of commercial communications as well as advanced radar and electronic-countermeasures (ECM) testing.

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