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Option Measures And Simulates Nonlinear Component Behavior At All Load Impedances

Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a new optionarbitrary load impedance X-parametersfor its PNA-X Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer. The option, when used in conjunction with Maury Microwave tuners and software, enables users to accurately measure and simulate nonlinear component behavior at all load impedances. As a result, designers get a high level of insight into nonlinear DUT behavior, making the NVNA capability especially useful for scientists researching new RF technologies and engineers involved in designing today's high-performance active devices.

The PNA-X nonlinear VNA option allows engineers in the wireless communications and aerospace/defense industries to extend X-parameter design "cascade-ability" to arbitrarily large load mismatches; measure and predict dynamic load-lines at input and output ports under arbitrary loading conditions; and measure and simulate magnitude and phase data at the input and output for each fundamental and harmonic frequency as nonlinear functions of power, bias, and arbitrary load impedance. In addition, they can model devices and design multistage, Doherty, or other complex amplifier circuits with the drag-and-drop function of Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS).

X-parameters are mathematically correct scattering coefficients for active components. They provide a powerful, yet simple and automated process for capturing nonlinear component behavior over arbitrary complex impedances, input powers, DC biases, and more across various frequencies. Using the PNA-X nonlinear vector network analyzer, X-parameters are measured and used to create X-parameter models that can be imported into Agilent's (ADS) to simulate actual linear and nonlinear component behavior. The full complex Gamma dependence of a device under large-signal operating conditions can now be captured and instantly modeled in ADS using Agilent's new NVNA option, an external Maury load tuner, and Maury's load-pull software.

Agilent's arbitrary load impedance X-parameters, Option 520, is now available and requires a PNA-X microwave network analyzer, an external Maury load tuner and Maury load-pull software for operation. Option 520 is priced at $8,000. Depending on the feature set specified, the Maury Automated Tuner System (ATS) software begins at $17,500. Depending on the load requirement, a single Maury ATS tuner begins at $22,500.

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