Free Guide Explains RF/Wireless Terminology

Keithley Instruments has published a guide to understanding the vocabulary of the wireless industry. "Speaking RF: Wireless Communication Terminology" is a 32-page guide that defines a variety of technical terms and decodes the many acronyms in the RF and wireless industry. The guide is available free of charge at .

Several useful tables are featured in the guide, including conversion tables between watts and dBm and between return loss and VSWR. The guide also features a table that summarizes the technical features of the most common wireless communications standards for digital cellular phones, wireless local area networks (WLANs), and cordless telephones. A number of product selector guides and a brief discussion of typical RF switching applications are also included. According to Walt Strickler, Sr. Business Team Leader for Telecommunications at Keithley, "The rapid pace of change in the semiconductor and wireless communications industries means that the vocabulary used in these industries is always changing," Strickler adds that "this guide represents Keithley's efforts to help customers stay current with the newest terminology and acronyms." For a free copy, call 1-888-KEITHLEY or visit

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