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Filter Wizard Speeds Component Selection

Searching for just the right filter is no longer a challenge, thanks to an on-line program available at the K & L Microwave web site (see below for URL). Called Filter Wizard (TM), the on-line program is free for visitors to the company's web site. It allows visitors to enter their specifications, search an extensive filter database, refine their search by optimizing key performance parameters, and even send a request for quote. The first version of the software covers all-pole and elliptical (pole-placed) bandpass filters; later this year, the software will be upgraded to include other filter responses, such as band-reject, lowpass, and highpass filters.

The opening screen provides a typical filter response curve, with blank boxes left for operators to enter their desired specifications, such as center frequency, bandwidth, insertion loss, and rejection. The results of a search are shown in tabular form, with different filter technologies (and relative costs) offered for comparison. By clicking on a "Details" button, viewers can also see a package outline drawing. The software includes some design capability, allowing users to design cavity filters for optimal physical dimensions based on a set of specifications. For more information about K & L Microwave and its many filter solutions, visit the company's web site.

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