Agilent Gains Enhanced WiMAX Forum Status

Agilent Technologies has received principal member status with the WiMAX Forum. The global leader in test equipment has been actively involved in the Forum since 2004. The firm was first to provide standard-compliant 802.16 design and test tools and solutions for fixed and mobile 802.16 applications, and first to enable RF and baseband engineers working at the 802.16-2004 PHY layer to create, analyze, and troubleshoot WiMAX signals. The enhanced status strengthens the company's ability to deliver standards-based WiMAX test solutions, contributing to the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality products into the marketplace. According to Ron Nersesian, vice president of Agilent's Wireless Business Unit, "Inclusion in the WiMAX Forum as a principal member is yet another opportunity for Agilent to continue to demonstrate leadership and ongoing commitment to enabling the emergence of WiMAX as a truly global technology." For more information, go to the link at:

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