Aeroflex Opens Electronic Store

Engineers in need of test solutions can now shop electronically, at Aeroflex's new e-commerce store (see below). The site's opening page offers quick links for logging in and logging out of the site, as well as for managing an account, tracking an order, and returning to the Aeroflex home page. The opening page also provides quick links to a variety of test instruments and systems, including the company's 3010 and 3011 series of RF frequency synthesizers, the 3020 series of digital signal generators, the 3030 series of RF digitizers, and the PXI series of modular test solutions for mobile-telephone and general-purpose wireless measurements. The page also features an advanced search function that allows visitors to find an item by model number of by using a search term. According to product marketing manager Bill Burrows, "we're excited about the opportunities this new sales channel will provide." The site allows visitors to make on-line purchases as well as explore the many options and variations available for different instruments and systems.

Aeroflex's store -->

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