Tuners Help With Load-Pull/Noise Testing

Visitors to the 2012 Montreal IMS have an opportunity to visit one of the area's more interesting local companies, Focus Microwaves, at booth No. 1007. With its extensive lines of load-pull and broadband noise measurement systems, the company is a key supplier for those involved in analysis and development of active devices and amplifiers. As an example, the Focus model iCCMT-5020-TC Intelligent Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner supports both load-pull and noise measurements from 2 to 50 GHz. It is ideal for the characterization of packaged and on-wafer transistors, using the company's proprietary TCP/IP compatible iTuner technology with built-in microprocessor and command language. The design allows tuning to any interpolated impedance within system's tuning range, with accuracy of typically 40 dB or better. The iTuner-based system can be used with commercial software tools, including LabView™ from National Instruments and Agilent VEE™ from Agilent Technologies.

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