Additions Enhance Vector Generators

Additions Enhance Vector Generators

Improvements to two lines of vector signal generators allow users to correct error due to measurement variations in different test setups.

Continued enhancements to the high-performance MXG and cost-effective EXG X-Series vector signal generators, both from Agilent Technologies, have resulted in improved performance for these versatile test signal generators. For example, a user channel correction capability has been added to both series of instruments to minimize measurement uncertainties in test systems. Such uncertainties can stem from factors such as impedance mismatches between connecting cables and a device under test (DUT) which can result in amplitude and phase errors. The user correction capabilities can automatically equalize the amplitude and phase responses of test fixtures and DUT connection setups, resulting in ±0.2 dB amplitude flatness across a 160-MHz signal bandwidth for the MXG sources and ±2 deg. phase flatness across a 160-MHz signal bandwidth for the MXG generators.

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