Generator Supplies Fast Transients

Generator Supplies Fast Transients

A fast transient generator supplies the short burst signals needed for automotive EMC testing.

Model FT 5531 is a fast transient generator ideally suited for automotive electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) testing. This upgraded version of the firm’s model FT 5530 generates 150-ns pulse-width outputs with a burst frequency range of 1 to 100 kHz in 0.1-kHz steps. It features a 5-ns pulse rise time and a burst interval range of 0.01 to 99.9 ms. The fast transient generator can supply from 1 to 200 pulses per burst with burst repetition range of 90 ms to 99.9 s adjustable in 10-ms steps. The FT 5531 is fully integrated into Teseq’s AutoStar 6 immunity software, a comprehensive immunity test management program now in its sixth version. AutoStar 6 features full Windows 7 support as well as improvements in graphics, reliability, and usability. The fast transient generator is in full compliance with ISO 7637-2 and OEM (vehicle manufacturer) standards. 

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