Portable Analyzers Scan Signals To 2.7 GHz

Portable Analyzers Scan Signals To 2.7 GHz

These portable spectrum analyzers are battery powered for in-field applications through 2.7 GHz.

The PSA Series II line of microwave spectrum analyzers includes 1.3- and 2.7-GHz versions, with long rechargeable lithium-ion battery life of more than eight hours per charge to assist in-field testing. Both instruments incorporate a 4.3-in. (11-cm) backlit thin-film-transistor (TFT) color touchscreen display. The PSA Series II PSA1302 spans 1 to 1300 MHz, while the PSA Series II PSA2702 operates from 1 to 2700 MHz. Both instruments feature a noise floor of -100 dBm and 80-dB dynamic range. The resolution bandwidth can be set as fine as 15 kHz. The ruggedized casing incorporates a rubber protection buffer, a bench stand, and screen protection. For bench-top use, the instrument can be operated continuously from its AC charger. The compact handheld spectrum analyzers weigh only 20 oz. (560 g) with simple operation from the finger-operated touchscreen display.

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