AWTs PIM Tester

PIM Tester Tackles UHF And TETRA

These modular testers perform PIM-related measurements for TETRA and other communications systems.

Passive-intermodulation (PIM) analyzers in the S1L TETRA MK2 Series are suited for measuring TETRA and UHF networks in the 400-MHz range. Standard measurements include insertion loss and PIM versus time, while options include distance to PIM. The testers offer PIM sensitivity of better than -165 dBc and test signal power ranging from +16 to +44 dBm. The low noise floor of -132 dBc supports a 96-dB dynamic range, and a large 10.2-in. touchscreen display helps simplify making and viewing measurements. Models include the PS1L-400 MK2 for TETRA 400 testing, with transmit range of 390 to 400 MHz and receive range of 380 to 385 MHz; the PS1L-400E MK2 for E-TETRA testing, with transmit range of 420 to 430 MHz and receive span of 410 to 412 MHz; and the PSIL-385 MKS for TETRA 385 testing, with transmit range of 385 to 400 MHz and receive range of 410 to 425 MHz. Frequencies are tuned in 100-kHz increments.

AWT Global, 117 Grand Ave., Hackettstown, NJ 07840; (973) 321-3423.

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