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Getting A Grip On IEEE 802.11ad

Getting A Grip On IEEE 802.11ad

The IEEE 802.11ad wireless communications standard supports high-speed data rates but also has some demanding measurement requirements.

IEEE 802.11ad is the latest update to the IEEE’s wireless-local-area-network (WLAN) group of communications standards for achieving high-speed wireless data transfers. For those faced with establishing, inspecting, and even testing such systems, a free tutorial lesson from the IEEE’s Communications Society reviews the basic specifications for this standard. It also covers the type of equipment needed for transmission and reception, as well as the forms of test equipment hardware and software that will be needed to evaluate the performance of an IEEE 802.11ad WLAN system.

The free tutorial lesson is accessible in chapters. These are broken down into basic fundamentals about the standard, its background in reference to other wireless communications standards, and some of the essential measurement techniques needed to evaluate the performance of communications systems based on this standard.

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