Rogers Teams With Northeastern

Rogers Teams With Northeastern

A unique partnering of private industry with an academic is to the benefit of both organizations.

In opening its Innovation Center last week in Burlington, Mass., Rogers Corp. strengthened its ties with Northeastern University in pursuit of advanced materials for present and future electronic requirements. Rogers’ chief technology officer (CTO), Bob Daigle, notes that “in dedicating our new Innovation Center, we are celebrating a new model for collaborative partnership with Northeastern University.”

This partnership, between private industry and an academic institution, is somewhat unique, as Northeastern University President Joseph E. Aoun remarks: “By housing a corporation’s research center within a university facility, we’ve created an unprecedented opportunity for symbiosis, collaboration, and the cross-pollination of ideas. Partnerships like these are a linchpin to maximizing the impact of use-inspired research on society.” Rogers’ Innovation Center, which occupies 4000 square feet of the 70,000-square-foot Kostas Institute, includes laboratories, conference rooms, and office space for Rogers’ and Northeastern researchers to connect and share efforts and provide educational opportunities for students.

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