Finding PCBs That Can Take The Heat

Finding PCBs That Can Take The Heat

Among the many exhibitors at the upcoming IEEE 2014 IMS in Tampa, members of Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) will be on hand at booth 1833 to help visits choose printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials. The firm offers many different types of materials, notably for RF/microwave circuit applications through millimeter-wave frequencies. On hand also will be the firm’s senior market development engineer, John Coonrod, perhaps best known for the company’s regular blog on using circuit materials. He will be in Tampa to make a Microwave Application Seminar (MicroApps) presentation (June 4, 9:30 AM), “The Impact of Circuit Material Properties on Microwave PCB’s RF Heating Patterns.” He will explain how different circuit materials respond to different power levels and how designers can handle the heat.

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