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This white paper provides a general explanation of the Internet of Things (IoT) along with answers to common questions.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to have a profound impact on society in general, many questions are also associated with it. For instance, one grey area surrounding the IoT has to do with its actual definition. Additional questions concern how it will be used, along with the extent of its impact. These topics and more are discussed in a new white paper from Qorvo titled “The Impact of the IoT Demystified.”

The white paper begins by describing the IoT as an application or service that collects information from sensors, analyzes the data, and then does something with that data. One example mentioned is an electronic lifestyle coach, which collects data via a wristband, analyzes the data, and instructs the person wearing the wristband to live a healthier lifestyle. Another example is an electronic security guard that analyzes data from motion sensors or cameras and then creates alerts.

Making better decisions in a faster time is the fundamental objective behind the IoT, according to the white paper. The author states that the IoT can offer various benefits, such as reducing wasted energy, improving the quality of products, and upgrading environmental monitoring. The white paper also mentions some of the downsides associated with the IoT, explaining that it will redefine jobs and skills and possibly even create social unrest. Essentially, there will be winners and losers, as some jobs could be lost while others are created.

IoT security and privacy are discussed as well. While the IoT is not entirely secure, the white paper makes the claim that security risks are generally acceptable when compared to the benefits of IoT applications. An IoT application also has the tradeoff between its benefits and a sacrifice of some level of privacy. Lastly, to demonstrate the importance of the integrity of the IoT, an alarm system example is presented.

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