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Pre-Engineered Circuit Elements Contribute to Rapid Prototyping

Pre-Engineered Circuit Elements Contribute to Rapid Prototyping

Most high-frequency communications, radar, and electronic-warfare (EW) systems rely on frequency conversion, and the OpenRFM rapid development capability helps to provide timely, practical frequency-conversion solutions based on optimum commercial components. Employing an open systems architecture (OSA) approach and pre-engineered function blocks to standardize the electrical and mechanical design of an RF/microwave (RFM) frequency-conversion block in a system, the modular design method reduces the risk, cost, and time required to complete wideband RFM circuit and subsystem designs.

The design approach, developed by Mercury Systems and X-Microwave, employs an ecosystem of pre-engineered RFM elements for rapid prototyping. With access to a complimentary on-line layout tool, clients can quickly produce layouts meeting desired application requirements. Components can even be assembled using a standard interface which optionally can be solderless.

Each circuit element has valid S- and X-parameter values which are used to perform rapid simulations of layout designs. Each high-frequency element in a layout uses a common mounting, bias, and control interface, allowing components to be tested individually or cascaded together for measurements and simulations. Custom components can be developed quickly as needed. The high-frequency layout assemblies employ a single RFM probe, eliminating the need for custom test fixtures.

To learn more about the OpenRFM rapid prototyping technique, visit Mercury Systems at Booth #826 or X-Microwave at Booth #426.

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