Plug-And-Play Modules Span 433 To 2483 MHz

FOR ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS who lack RF expertise but are challenged with adding lowpower wireless capability to new or existing devices, the Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules vow to provide a plug-and-play solution. By leveraging Texas Instruments' semiconductor technology, the AIR module family promises to deliver easy integration and implementation on an existing or newly designed two-layer printed-circuit board (PCB). The A1101R04C, which spans 433.0 to 434.4 MHz, is an FCC-compliant device for the 400-to-450-MHz range. The A1101R09A and A1101R09C cover 902 to 928 MHz. Their sibling, the A1101R08C, operates at 868 MHz. The last two members of the family, dubbed the A2500R24A and A2500R24C, span 2400.0 to 2483.5 MHz. All of the members in the product family measure just 9 x 12 x 2.5 mm or 9 x 16 x 2.5 mm. They are FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada RSS- 210 compliant, which means that no additional "Intentional Radiator" certification is required. They can be supplied for use with an embedded or connector-equipped antenna. The modules are 100-percent RF tested. Test boards are available to evaluate each module's performance using Texas Instruments' EM (CC1101DK and CC2500DK) and eZ-430 development kits. P&A: approximately $11.50 for 1000Q; tape and reel.

Anaren, Inc.
6635 Kirkville Rd.
East Syracuse, NY 13057
(315) 432-8909
FAX: (315) 432-9121

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