MPM Delivers 100 W at 31 GHz

MPM Delivers 100 W at 31 GHz

A microwave power module combines an amplifier and linearizer for Ka- and Q-band aerospace and military systems.

A Ka/Q-band microwave power module (MPM) developed by L-3 Electron Devices blends a Ka-band linearizer with a Q-band high-power amplifier for applications in aerospace and defense systems requiring power levels to 100 W at microwave frequencies. The MPM, which measures 9.75 x 8.5 x 1.5 in. and weighs 7.3 lbs., accepts standard input signals to 0 dBm at a single 2.4-mm coaxial input port and generates output signals at a WR-24 waveguide output port. It provides better than 100 W saturated continuous-wave (CW) output power from 29.5 to 31.0 GHz at greater than 35% RF efficiency and more than 80 W saturated output power from 43.5 to 45.5 GHz. The MPM is fully MIL-STD-461 compliant and features a wide operating-temperature range of -40 to +85°C. It is powered by a +28-VDC supply and controlled by RS-485 and TTL interfaces.

L3 Electron Devices, 960 Industrial Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 591-8411, FAX: (650) 508-1956.

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