Lockheed Martin Fosters Aircraft Research Program Courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Fosters Aircraft Research Program

While much of today’s research focuses on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Lockheed Martin has teamed with Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw Polytechnic) to advance both manned and unmanned airborne platform systems. Their goal is to further the development and optimization of multiple systems in aircraft as well as ground station networks. By implementing  an advanced applied research program, they also plan to raise the level of  integration between such systems. This effort was inspired by recent advancements in aircraft, such as technology that automates flight planning and can track missions across manned and unmanned platforms.

The program will be staffed by university research students. Professor Janusz Narkiewicz, who leads the project at Warsaw Polytechnic, says that the program is a great example of collaboration and technology transfer. The project’s ultimate objective is to develop solutions that help to manage Polish defense capabilities while positively influencing the future of science in Poland. Lockheed Martin has agreed to help Poland reach these future goals while meeting emerging commercial and military requirements.


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