Alcatel-Lucent's Alternative Energy Program Is Solution For Wireless-Base Station Deployment

BARCELONA, SPAINAlcatel-Lucent has launched an "Alternative Energy Program" to enable the high-volume deployment of wireless base stations powered by alternative energy sources. The program will help to ensure that service providers can quickly and cost-efficiently deploy wireless networkseven to areas that are not served by electrical powerin all ranges of climates and geographies and under all deployment conditions. The company is establishing a lab and pilot site at Alcatel- Lucent's Villarceaux facility near Paris to foster an ecosystem of internal experts, partner companies, and institutions to bring together the alternative energies and telecommunications worlds.

The program capitalizes on Alcatel- Lucent's energy-efficiency innovations for wireless networks as well as its field experience with alternative energy through the installation of more than 300 solar-powered radio sites. In doing so, it provides a robust set of turnkey base-station solutions powered with various alternative energy sources like solar, wind, fuel cells, etc. The firm's "Sustainable Power" service suite vows to help customers develop a comprehensive deployment plan tailored to their specific environment. A key component is the smart integration between the base station and the alternative energy source. Part of this integration is supported by the energy controller equipment. Alcatel- Lucent will be testing the power controller from Power Oasis, a UK-based provider of power solutions.

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