Spend 20 Minutes, Get Free Software

For the cost of attending a free 20-minute course on the use of one of the leading full-wave planar 3D EM simulation software programs in the industry, the Sonnet Suite of programs from Sonnet Software, visitors to booth 2524 receive a free license to the firm's Sonnet Lite Plus version of their simulation tools (a $495 value). This "scaled-down," feature-limited version of the Sonnet program is nonetheless a powerful tool for performing 3D analysis of planar circuits. The course schedule, which is available on the company's web site, includes different topics during all three days of the show, including the analysis of filters, coplanar waveguide (CPW), spiral inductors, and a 4-GHz suspended-stripline coupler. Visitors to the booth don't even have to bring a laptop, as computers are provided for all course attendees. For more information about attending one of these 2-minute courses, visit the Sonnet Software web site.

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