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Software Takes On Antenna Design

Software Takes On Antenna Design

Design and optimization software developed by the NI AWR Group specifically targets different types of RF/microwave antennas.

Software fanciers will find a great deal to toy with when visiting the AWR Group of National Instruments and their various software programs on display at Booth No. 1529. These include familiar programs such as the Visual System Simulator and Microwave Office suite of programs and a new tool, the AntSyn antenna synthesis software. AntSyn is effective for single-band and multiple-band antennas, and for analyzing and optimizing essential antenna performance parameters like impedance matching, gain, radiation efficiency, and operating bandwidth.

Data from AntSyn designs can be exported to other software tools available from the company, such as Microwave Office and the NI AWR Design Environment, or to electromagnetic (EM) simulation software of choice for further analysis and optimization. The AntSyn software includes an intuitive graphical user interface based on antenna performance parameters as input to guide design efforts.

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