Software Helps Model Automotive Radar Systems

Software Helps Model Automotive Radar Systems

The 2014 IMS offers a timely opportunity to demonstrate different simulation software tools on the show floor, including XFdtd electromagnetic (EM) simulation software from Remcom. The software has proven to be an effective weapon in modeling 24- and 77-GHz automotive radar systems, and it will be on display and demonstration at Booth No. 1105. The software support high-fidelity analysis of antenna-in-system automotive-electronics designs, notably when these high-frequency radar systems are used for automotive collision-avoidance and vehicle safety function. The software allows the simulation of the radar electronics, including the antennas, and how they operate, for example, when mounted in the rear bumper of an automobile. To help potential users of the software, the firm is also offering an application note on the simulation and modeling of 24- and 77-GHz automotive radar systems to visitors to its IMS booth.

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