Software Aids Antenna Integration

Software Aids Antenna Integration

ANSYSAntenna integration, whether on vehicles or wearable devices, requires modeling of the complete RF environment, a task in the realm of the ANSYS Savant and EMIT software packages. Both will be part of the array of design and simulation tools on display at ANSYS’s Booth No. 1539 at the 2016 IMS. The software tools  can help design and predict the performance of installed antenna and RF environments quickly and accurately for many different product designs, including wearable devices and autonomous vehicles.

The Savant and EMIT programs work with the ANSYS HSFF electromagnetic (EM) simulation software to simulate the entire EM environment around an antenna to evaluate its installed performance. The latest versions of the software tools boast advances in solver technology, design flow automation, and computing for effective simulations of wireless systems in terms of interference and co-existence with other radio systems.

The programs are particularly effective in predicting the interaction of multiple antennas in complex operating environments, whether on land, at sea, or in the air. The programs allow antenna designers to perform “what-if” analyses in different operating environments, to find the effects of worst-case scenarios. Visit IMS Booth No. 1539 to see how the two programs integrate with the popular HFSS simulator.


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