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Modelithics Models Run in Cadence Simulators

Modelithics Models Run in Cadence Simulators

An extensive line of component models has been developed for use on Cadence's popular CAE software.

Designers working with the Cadence Design Systems simulation software can now run models from Modelithics by using the Modelithics Library for the Cadence Spectre RF Option and Virtuoso RF Solution. This library makes Modelithics Microwave Global Models available to Cadence simulation software users. Modelithics Library v19.1 features a large collection of measurement-based models geared to design engineers, with over 300 models for commercial capacitors, inductors, and resistors from over 25 suppliers. In total, the library represents over 17,000 individual components. Once installed, the models are accessible through the Library Manager window in the Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform and can be easily placed into the schematic. The models offer extensive capabilities above and beyond those of simple S-parameter models, supporting operating frequencies from RF through and including mmWave frequencies.

Modelithics Inc., 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Ste. 130, Tampa, FL  33612; (813) 866-6338, FAX: (813) 866-6334.

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