Model SKY77555 is an advanced transmit-receive front-end module (FEM) developed by Skyworks Solutions for GSM and general packet radio service (GPRS) handsets. Based on silicon CMOS technology, the module, which measures just 5 x 6 mm, eliminates the need to optimize matching between the switch and transmit amplifier, simplifying the manufacture of high-volume handsets. The dual-band device operates from 880 to 915 MHz and from 1710 to 1785 MHz. The FEM includes amplification, switching, and power control circuitry. According to Gregory L. Waters, Skyworks' Executive Vice President and General Manager for front-end solutions, "Skyworks' CMOS and GaAs front-end modules allow handset manufacturers to create ultra-small and low-cost GSM/GPRS solutions, as well as to select different price versus performance options from the same basic phone design. Our technology-agnostic approach provides our customers with a unique advantage in meeting their platform, geographic and cost needs."

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