Transceiver-On-Chip Serves ZigBee Systems

THE ZIC2410 SERIES of transceivers on a chip are designed for IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee applications. The 2.4-to-2.483- GHz RF transceiver, which includes an 8051-based 8-b microprocessor, combines robust +8-dBm transmit output power with receiver sensitivity of -98 dBm, to deliver link-budget performance of 106 dB. The transceiver consumes less than 33.2 mA in receive mode and about 30 mA when transmitting at 0 dBm; standby current consumption is a mere 0.3 microamps. The ZIC2410 ZigBee radio transceiver is available in a choice of packages, and these lowcost, System-on-Chip solutions help simplify radio designs, shrink their size, lower power consumption, and reduce overall system cost. The built-in, low-power processor supports a wide range of peripheral devices, including an onboard a-law/ -law audio CODEC with ADPCM support which, combined with an I2S interface, enables the ZIC2410 to transmit voice data.

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