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Technology Searching For A Fit

BitWave Semiconductor ( has developed one of the more intriguing technologies in this industry, with their software-defined RF integrated-circuit technology. Having been introduced on the front cover of Microwaves & RF magazine last year, the company is still in search of adoption for its proprietary approach to radio circuitry, and the hopes are that bringing Mike Farese on board as President and CEO may help.

BitWave's innovative technology embeds the equivalent of varactor diodes into its IC designs, allowing the RF characteristics of a chip, such as filter and amplifier bandwidths, to be modified on the fly through programming. The performance of the chips can literally be programmed over a certain range of levels in order to match a single chip to a variety of different wireless communications standards, such as cellular and WiMAX systems.

Farese joins a management team that includes co-founders Russ Cyr and Geoff Dawe. Farese sees the opportunity with the technology, noting "I'm extremely excited to join BitWave; with the Softransceiver RFIC, we have the opportunity to dramatically change the way consumer companies create and implement product strategies for wireless devices." But will the industry recognize the opportunity.

by Jack Browne, MWRF Technical Director

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