SiGe Systems Fuels Wireless USB Modules

Unigen Corp. (Fremont, CA) has selected the RangeCharger SE2526A RF front-end module from SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for its new Nexus family of Juno WirelessUSB modules. The Juno modules contain all of the passive devices, antenna connectors, and interconnect circuitry required to support "drop-in" placement in new wireless products. The SE2526A provides the front-end radio functions for those modules and integrate a power amplifier, power detector, transmit/receive switch, diversity switch, and harmonic filters into a chip-scale device matched 50 O. The front-end module replaces about 40 components typically used in such a front-end device. Unigen's JUNO-LPA modules, which are based on Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s (San Jose, CA) WirelessUSB LR (CYWUSB6935) radio-system-on-a-chip device and SiGe's SE2526A device, can transmit and receive signals over a range as far as 0.67 mile.

Mark Morrissey, Unigen Corp.'s Director of Business Development, notes that "SiGe Semiconductor's RF power amplification device is ideal for our WirelessUSB modules. The integration of the RF front-end circuitry, as well as the ability to seamlessly connect the device to Cypress' WirelessUSB radio simplified the design of our modules." The SE2526A is based on SiGe's high-performance IEEE 802.11b/g power amplifier, which delivers +18 dBm output power with an error vector magnitude (EVM) of 2.5 percent while operating in IEEE 802.11g mode. In 802.11b mode, the SE2526A delivers +20 dBm output power with an adjacent-channel power ratio (ACPR) of less than -37 dBc.

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