Receiver Module Supports Data Links To 64 kb/s

WHEN USED IN CONJUNCTION with the matching TX3B-869-64 transmitters, the RX3G ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio data-receiver device facilitates the implementation of wireless infrastructure that can support speeds of 64 kb/s and transmission ranges to 75 m within buildings or 300 m over open ground. The RX3G is a phaselocked- loop (PLL) synthesizer-based, miniature printed-circuit-board (PCB) -mounted radio data-receiver device. It exhibits receive sensitivity of 102 dBm at 1 ppm bit error rate (BER) for 64 kb/s operation and 108 dBm sensitivity at 1 ppm BER for 15-kb/s operation. The device incorporates a wide-range received signal strength indicator (RSSI), which measures the strength of an incoming signal over a range of about 50 dB. As a result, the engineer can more easily assess the link quality and available margin with which the network can operate, thereby judging what distances can be supported. The RX3G requires a regulated 5-V supply with ripple content of less than 100 mV peak-to-peak. Available for operation in the 868.3-, 869.5-, and 869.85-MHz European frequency bands, the product is suitable for one-to-one and multi-node wireless link topologies. Current consumption is typically 10 mA for this device, which measures 47.0 x 16.8 x 2.5 mm. Potential applications include environmental monitoring, inventory tracking, and computer networking.

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