Product Snapshot: Fairchild's RMPA0965 PA IC

The Fairchild RF Division of Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. (Andover, MA) has launched its first product since acquiring the RF Components Division of Raytheon Co. The new RMPA0965 is a +3-VDC packaged power amplifier integrated circuit (IC) for use in the 824 to 849-MHz cellular radio band. Supplied in a compact LCC housing measuring 3 x 3 x 1 mm, the amplifier achieves output power of +28 dBm at 1-dB compression with power-added efficiency of 40 percent. With quiescent current of only 55 mA and low leakage current of 1 uA, the amplifier yields long operating lifetimes on a battery charge. According to Russ Wagner, General Manager of Fairchild RF, "the RMPA0965 amplifier is the next addition to our 3 x 3 mm CDMA power amplifier family, further strengthening our entry into this market. This family of 3 x 3 mm PA modules offers reduced overall component count, and takes advantage of InGaP heterojunction-bipolar (HBT) process technology for superior reliability, single-supply operation, high linearity, and reduced power consumption."

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