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IceFyre and Silicon Optix Team on Wireless HDTV

IceFyre Semiconductor and Silicon Optix will demonstrate the first full-bandwidth wireless high-definition-television (HDTV) streaming-video platform during the 2005 International CES. The demonstrations are scheduled for January 6-9, 2005 at the Marriott Suites Hotel (Las Vegas, NV). The display system combines IceFyre's SureFyre IEEE 802.11a wireless-local-area-network (WLAN) chips with Silicon Optix's Realta Hollywood Quality (HQV) video-processing platform. The demonstration system delivers High Definition (HD) video content with "wire-like" quality throughout harsh residential and commercial environments. The demonstration will include a comparison with a wired distribution system showing the same high-definition content. According to Dennis Crespo, vice president of marketing for Silicon Optix, "wireless video distribution to HDTV displays is an important step in bringing home theater to the masses." IceFyre Semiconductor --> Silicon Optix -->

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