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Lockheed Martin Picks Phase Matrix For DTO

Phase Matrix has won a $700,000 contract from Lockheed Martin Systems Integration- Oswego to develop an X/Ku-band digitally tuned oscillator (DTO) for the United States Air Force's B-2 stealth bomber. Integration of the DTO is part of the modernization of the B-2's electronic systems. The DTO design is based on low-phase-noise, fast-tuning voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) that are digitally linearized for excellent frequency accuracy with low drift over temperature and across the tuning range. According to noted oscillator designer Dr. Paul Khanna, Vice-President of Phase Matrix, "This contract fully reflects Lockheed Martin's confidence in our company and in the ability of our Components Group to meet the challenging requirements of a critical component for the B-2 bomber." Khanna added that the contract "also affirms our capabilities in the field of complex microwave subassemblies."

Phase Matrix's Components Group offers extensive lines of products from 1 to 50 GHz for instrumentation, military, and telecommunications applications, including fixed- frequency and phase-locked oscillators. The company's custom subassemblies are based on a wide range of analog and digital functions, including integration of switches, oscillators, filters, attenuators, frequency conversion, power supplies, microprocessors, and memory.

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