Mixers Convert 2 To 18 GHz

Mixers Convert 2 To 18 GHz

The Microlithic line of in-phase/quadrature (IQ) frequency mixers cover bands of 4 to 16 GHz and 2 to 18 GHz in compact housings. These mixers, with as much as 30-dB typical unturned sideband suppression, include the 2-to-18-GHz model MLIQ-0218, with a 3.5-GHz-wide intermediate-frequency (IF) band and 18-dB sideband suppression. The mixer also provides 40-dB typical isolation between the local-oscillator (LO) and RF ports. Suitable for radar, electronic-warfare (EW), and test-and-measurement applications, the mixer line also includes the 4-to-16-GHz model MLIQ-0416, with IF range of DC to 3.5 GHz and typical conversion loss of 5.5 dB for RF/LO input levels to +8 dBm.

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