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Miniature Mixer Spans IF to 20 GHz

Model MLIQ-1845 is a compact multiple-octave microwave mixer supplied in a chip-type package measuring 0.240 in. × 0.240 in. × 0.010 in. The RoHS-compliant mixer consists of matched double-balanced mixers connected with an integrated local oscillator (LO) hybrid and RF power divider. The mixer features an RF and LO frequency range of 18 to 45 GHz and an intermediate-frequency range of DC to 20 GHz. The mixer can be used for frequency upconversion and downconversion, and nonlinear software models are available for commercial circuit simulators. The miniature mixer operates with typical conversion loss of 8 dB for IFs from DC to 6 GHz and 10 dB for IFs from 6 to 20 GHz. The mixer has a typical input 1-dB compression point of +8 dBm.

Marki Microwave, 215 Vineyard Ct., Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (408) 778-4200, FAX: (408) 778-4300

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