Frequency Multipliers Extend To 32 GHz

Frequency Multipliers Extend To 32 GHz

A line of frequency multipliers provides high output levels with low noise through 32 GHz.

A firm associated for their frequency synthesizers, Luff Research, is now marketing a line of high-frequency multipliers capable of producing output signals to 32 GHz with excellent spectral purity. The product line, which includes models MX-21 and MX-22, provides minimum output-power levels of +13 dBm even at those high frequencies, with typical harmonic and subharmonic signal levels of -20 dBc or better. Housed in rugged packages with coaxial connectors, these frequency multipliers offer excellent performance at low prices. They do require a single power supply, typically 150 mA current from +5 VDC. More information is available at the firm's website.

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