Flexible Waveguide Connect To 50 GHz

A line of flexible waveguide offers ease of installation with excellent electrical performance through 50 GHz.

A line of extra-flexible waveguide can be supplied in sizes from WR-75 (10 to 15 GHz) through WR-22 (33 to 50 GHz), boasting both excellent electrical performance and the convenience of flexibility. For example, the WR-75 waveguide feature 0.15-dB insertion loss per foot with VSWR of 1.12:1 per foot from 10 to 15 GHz. The WR-75 f lexible waveguide can handle at least 750 W average power and as much as 140 kW peak power. The WR-22 flexible waveguide exhibit VSWR of 1.35:1 per foot from 33 to 50 GHz with insertion loss of 1.20 dB over the same frequency range. The WR-22 flexible waveguide handles at least 25 W average power and 12 kW peak power through 50 GHz.

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