Diplexer Satisfies WiMAX And WiFi Applications

Using a "tuned-by-design" approach, one diplexer vows to separate or combine all of the cellular wireless frequency bands from the WiMAX and WiFi bands above 3 GHz. Thanks to the elimination of the high cost of manual tuning used in conventional designs, unit cost is kept low. The diplexer, dubbed the BK-26N, maintains greater than 50 dB isolation between bands. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is specified at less than or equal to -150 dBc. Guaranteed performance to -160 dBc is available with an additional testing charge. Such performance is more than sufficient for most applications, such as sharing a common antenna or in a distributed antenna system. The low band extends from 380 to 2700 MHz, incorporating Tetra to the proposed new LTE bands up to 2700 MHz. The high band3300 to 6000 MHzincludes all proposed WiMAX bands and the WiFi to IEEE 802.11a. P&A: available now.

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