Compact Unit Blends IDAS Combiner, Duplexer

Compact Unit Blends IDAS Combiner, Duplexer

This compact integrated assembly includes a duplexer and three-way power divider for use at 1900 and 2300 MHz.

Designed to help the design efficiency and performance of the Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS), the model 16A3BJ integrated duplexer and three-way power divider features multiple ports at different frequencies. IDAS, developed by Icom UK, is a two-way radio system for business and industry with 6.25-kHz channel spacing. The system, with radios that can receive both digital and analog signals on a single channel, uses advanced noise-cancelling functions to achieve high-quality audio performance. It offers high-speed data management over its narrow channels, achieving excellent bandwidth efficiency.

The 16A3BJ unit provides reasonable isolation between ports with low loss. It includes three ports for each frequency, with ports J1, J2, and J3 at 1900 MHz and ports J4, J5, and J6 at 2300 MHz. The compact assembly exhibits maximum insertion loss of 6.25 dB for all ports. Minimum isolation is 50 dB between ports covering different frequencies and better than 15 dB between ports covering the same frequency. The power divider/duplexer offers power-handling capability of 20 W CW per port over an operating-temperature range of –30 to +60°C. It is supplied with TNC female connectors, measures 6.50 × 3.74 × 1.00 in., and weighs 1.5 lbs.

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