Compact Switched Filters Hit 8 GHz

Compact Switched Filters Hit 8 GHz

A line of miniature switched filters serves multiple-channel applications through 6 GHz, including GPS systems.

A line of switched filter banks from Bree Engineering serves applications through 8 GHz. Measuring just 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.4 in. in surface-mount packages, these low-loss, multiple-channel switched filters feature TTL control and operate on +5-VDC bias with 0/+5-VDC control voltage. As an example, model P/N 802998 is a switched filter bank for Global Positioning System (GPS) applications. Designed for GPS bands L1 and L2, it minimizes passband insertion loss to 1 dB for GPS L1 passband from 1562 to 1585 MHz and to only 1 dB for GPS L2 passband from 1214 to 1237 MHz, with better than 14-dB return loss for both filter passbands. The switched filter provides at least 30-dB rejection of signals outside the GPS L1 passband, at 1425 MHz and below and 1800 MHz and above. It also delivers high rejection of unwanted signals outside GPS band L2, with better than 30-dB rejection at 1170 MHz and below and better than 30-dB rejection at 1370 MHz and above. In addition to this GPS switch filter, Bree Engineering can design and deliver filters and switch filter assemblies according to a customer’s specific requirements.

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